Circle ExpressMedical Freight Case Study - Circle Express UK

Medical Case Study

Circle Express is the preferred carrier for one of the world’s largest corporations, carrying time-critical radio-pharmaceutical shipments to hospitals around the UK.

These highly sensitive and time critical shipments are collected and delivered with an accuracy level that is second to none across the logistics industry, including combining incoming shipments from abroad with UK origin goods to provide a seamless, single delivery to each end-customer.

Circle Express provide a dedicated team offering 24/7 support to ensure all shipments are handled in full compliance with their physical and regulatory requirements and the instructions of the shipper. Circle are able to meet this critical need as part of their service offering of being qualified to carry all classes of Dangerous Goods.

We work very closely with the client through our review programme that helps us develop an understanding of their needs and continuously improve our service levels.

We are extremely proud to be supporting this supplier of diagnostic radio-pharmaceuticals and of our ongoing partnership.