CPC Driver Training Bottleneck for Haulage Industry in 2013?

CPC Driver Training Bottleneck for Haulage Industry in 2013?

Driver CPC was introduced in 2008 for bus and coach drivers and in 2009 for the haulage industry. Since then, over 420,000 drivers have started their training. But time is running out for those drivers that haven’t yet undertaken the training.

Driver CPC Training is mandatory and all professional bus, coach and lorry drivers must complete 35 hours’ training every five years to get qualified and stay qualified. The deadline for the bus and coach drivers to complete their first 35 hours of training is September 2013. Haulage drivers have until September 2014.

Waiting until the deadline is nearer brings no advantage – drivers will be covered by their training for five years from the deadline date, not the training date. By waiting until the deadline is nearer, drivers are in fact putting their qualification at risk a bottleneck of thousands of drivers needing training in the space of a year will result if the demand for CPC Driver Training outstrips the supply.

A number of concerned industry bodies are recommendating that organisations should focus on the benefits of what Driver CPC can do for their business and set up a training plan now to avoid having to remove drivers from the road if the deadline is missed.

The CPC Training can then be tailored to address some of your largest costs and threats relevant to that particular organisation since the benefits are considerable.

Driver awareness training will lead to less wear and tear on vehicles and fewer accidents. You can organise training courses to reduce the chance of collisions or loads falling from vehicles , or look at driving techniques to reduce fuel consumption, which could have significant paybacks for business.

There are also a range of specialist modules that can be combined with CPC Training. For example undertaking an ADR Training (Dangerous Goods course can contribute 21 hours of the 35 hours required to complete the CPC Training. Also with the growth of Boris Bikes cyclists on London’s streets bike safety is now gaining greater aware and Lorry drivers in London will now have the option to add a cyclist awareness course to their CPC training for free partly funded by Transport For London.

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