0.00% from 5th December 2017

The attached Fuel Levy Index, which is available from our web site shows the actual price that Circle has paid for derv fuel and the average price paid over the past 3 months, three reference periods.

Our flexible fuel surcharge levy scheme was introduced on the 1st August 2005 on the basis that it would be a fair and transparent system for our clients to monitor the price we pay for our fuel relative to our current tariff. As already mentioned, these figures are available for inspection on our web site.

To remind you of this scheme, our current published rates are calculated using our standard fuel benchmark by applying 0.48% increase for every 1 pence over 97 pence per litre (ppl) 

As Circle Express purchases its fuel on a weekly-based price, adjustments would be made both downwards as well as upwards, depending on the price of oil.

The latest reference period which is relative to October shows that the average cost of fuel to Circle Express has risen above the standard fuel benchmark of 97.0ppl  The attached graphs show that it opened at 97.97ppl, dropped to 97.2ppl then closed at 98.03ppl giving us an average of 97.81ppl over the term.

This would normally attract a surcharge of 0.38% but we have decided to hold the 0.00% currently in place.

I thank you for your continued support of Circle Express and I remain available to answer any queries you may have. I can be contacted on 01753 214638.

Please circulate to all appropriate departments

Yours faithfully


Fleet Director


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