ADR Training

adr training

Circle Express Ltd is approved by the Department for Transport (DfT)and the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) for the training of drivers of vehicles transporting dangerous goods. (Approval No. N212)

Circle Express are routinely delivering all classes of Dangerous Goods  and therefore can bring our operational expertise to the training experience to make it practical  to the drivers. The course is delivered with passion and drivers find it fun and relevant.

Since Circle Express have a mobile license, we can deliver courses at your premises (subject to compliance) as well as at our depots throughout the UK.  We can customise training to your  requirements.

Our experienced ADR team provide an outstanding training service to help you pass the relevant multiple choice exams and gain the vocational training certificate.  The ADR Vocational Training Certificate is valid for five years and must be carried and produced on demand to relevant authoritative bodies.

The ADR Training  course is delivered to nationally accredited standards and is intended for all drivers transporting dangerous goods (hazardous goods) that come within the scope of the UK CDG (Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations) and ADR.

  • CORE MODULE – must be taken by everyone
  • TANK MODULE – tankers & tank containers
  • PACKAGE MODULE – other road vehicles
  • one for each of the nine different classes, any combination possible

The minimum requirement for an ADR certificate is :

  • CORE + EXPLOSIVE or RADIOACTIVE only allowed

The  certificate is valid for five years and can be renewed by taking a refresher course (after 4 years)

The ADR Vocational Training Certificate is valid on international journeys and is a legal requirement for regulated loads:

  • On all vehicles
  • In tankers over 1000 litres
  • In tank containers over 3000 litres
  • Explosive / Radioactive vehicles

Our ADR training programme also provides you 21 hours (of 35 hours) for CPC qualification.

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